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Advanced Course on Data Science & Machine Learning - ACDL 2018

posted Feb 9, 2018, 9:57 AM by Amministratore Sito Web
An Interdisciplinary Course: Data Science, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence without Borders
Certosa di Pontignano, Siena - Tuscany, July 19-23

ACDL 2018 - A Unique Experience:
Data Science & Machine Learning with the World's Leaders
in the fascinating atmosphere of the ancient Certosa di Pontignano

* EARLY REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Saturday March 31, 2018

Fuad Aleskerov, National Research University HSE, Russia
Roman Belavkin, Middlesex University London, UK
Yoshua Bengio, University of Montreal, Canada
Sergiy Butenko, Texas A&M University, USA
Marco Gori, University of Siena, Italy
Yi-Ke Guo, Imperial College London, UK
Yann LeCun, Director of AI Research, Facebook & New York University, USA
Peter Norvig, Director of Research, Google, USA
Panos Pardalos, University of Florida, USA
Alex 'Sandy' Pentland, MIT, USA
Mauricio Resende, Amazon, USA