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AI*IA 2011 XIIth Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence

posted Dec 23, 2010, 2:55 AM by Riguzzi Fabrizio
AI*IA 2011
XIIth Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence
“Artificial Intelligence Around Man and Beyond”

Palermo, Sept. 15-17 2011

AI*IA 2011 is the twelfth International Conference on Advances in Artificial Intelligence held bi-annually by the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AI*IA).

The conference covers broadly the many aspects of theoretical and applied Artificial Intelligence. Both regular papers and posters can be submitted to AI*IA 2011. A series of workshops dedicated to specific topics will complement the main conference program.

This year the main focus will be on the theme "Artificial Intelligence Around Man and Beyond". Nowadays, AI-enabled technologies support a sort of "distributed intelligent environment”. Men in this environment are so better capable to manipulate information and perform tasks involving a huge cognitive effort more efficiently.

Moreover, such technologies shift the theoretical speculation towards philosophical themes that are "beyond the humans" like design of metacognitive artificial agents and machine consciousness. The debate is no more about merely intelligent or cognitive machines but it rather focuses on their ability of being conscious and/or thinking about their cognition.