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Call for European AI labs to host a US graduate student

posted Nov 26, 2010, 3:07 AM by Amministratore Sito Web
Call for European AI labs to host a US graduate student for an
extended research visit (6-8 weeks) in Summer 2011

Deadline for applications: February 8, 2011

Applications are solicited from European AI research labs to host
a PhD student from the US for an extended visit (6-8 weeks) in
Summer 2011 to work on a research project of mutual interest.

The extended visits are connected with student participation to
IJCAI'11, which will be held in Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain),
July 16-22, 2011, and should preferably be completed before IJCAI
to culminate with a presentation of the results of the visit at
the doctoral mentoring consortium at IJCAI.

Students will be funded by the National Science Foundation, which
will cover their travel costs and living expenses.  Funding will
cover travel within Europe to the European Lab (up to $500), travel
and registration to IJCAI (approximatively $2000), and living
expenses during the extended visit (up to $2500/month).

The host needs to provide office space with access to computer
and lab facilities needed to conduct the research project. It is
expected that the host will help the student find living
accomodations for the period of the visit and will include the
students in the research group activities.

The central aims of these extended visits are to immerse the
students in a research group in a different country, expose them
to new research paradigms and approaches within AI, get them to
work with established members of the research community who will
host and supervise them.  For the hosting labs, this will provide
an opportunity to build a research bridge with the student's
research group and advisor in the US, and will create a solid
basis for long term collaborations between the groups.

Students selected for the extended visits will be matched with the
hosting lab in a two step process, in which labs will be given the
opportunity to decide which students they would be willing to host
and students will then be asked to choose which lab to visit.  No
more than one student per lab.  Each visit will be individually
arranged with the hosting lab.

Eligibility is for full-time PhD students attending a university in
the US.  Preference will be given to students who are US citizens or
permanent residents.
Consideration in the selection process will be given to progress in
degree, evidence of research excellence, benefits expected from
participation, and match of research interests to the hosts.

Funding is available for 6-8 students.

Deadline for applications: February 8, 2011
Notification of awards: mid March 2011

Information required in the application to host a student:
1. name of the faculty who will host the student;
2. name and address of the Lab/Department and University;
3. a short (2 pages) resume/CV of the faculty host;
4. a list of active research projects the student could work on. The
  list should include a paragraph or two for each project, and should
  preferably point to relevant web pages;
5. a brief description of the work environment (office/lab space, how
  many researchers will be working in the lab at the time of the visit,
  the language typically used for group meetings and seminars, etc)
  and a statement that the host agrees to provide office space and
  computing facilities to the student and supervise the student's

For information and questions contact:

Maria Gini
Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Minnesota


Judy Goldsmith
Department of Computer Science, University of Kentucky