AI*IA 2013: programme, hotels, and social web conference

posted Oct 25, 2013, 7:11 AM by Amministratore Sito Web
Some news about the upcoming AI*IA 2013 conference:

1- Early registration deadline is approaching;
2- The programme has been published;
3- A list of hotels close to the conference site has been published;
4- The web social conference is already running, participate!

*Early registration deadline is approaching: October 31st*

This year the registration fee is particularly low, only 320 euros, 350 euros when including social dinner. For students even cheaper! Please, see here:

*The programme has been published*

AI*IA 2013 has a very rich programme, you can find it here:

*A list of hotels*

Ski winter season will start the first week of December, book yourn hotel asap, you can find a (not exhaustive) list of hotels that are close to the conference site here:

*A web social conference*

We are glad to announce the "AI*IA 2013 social conference" on the conference web site:

Accepted papers are there available each one with its own web space and forum. For copyright reasons, the availability of this web space is only for registered persons. Please, register here if you have not done it yet:

Papers have been distributed into 5 different sessions:

Session I, Dec. 4th, 2013, AM:
Session II, Dec. 5th, 2013, AM:
Session III, Dec. 5th, 2013, PM:
Session IV, Dec. 6th, 2013, AM:
Session V, Dec. 6th, 2013, PM:

We invite you to take a look at the papers and start (or participate to) discussions on topics of your interest. You will have to enrol in the paper fora you are interested in for accessing to the related discussions and receive posts by email.

Session are not homogeneous in their topics. This will allow you to participate, during the conference, to all the discussion tables you are interested in.

AI*IA 2013 Organizers