Call for visit funding

posted Jan 24, 2013, 2:31 AM by Amministratore Sito Web
                 25th anniversary of the Italian
             Association for Artificial Intelligence

Call for Italian PhD students to host a foreign PhD student for an
extended research visit (max one month) in 2013

Deadline for applications: March 14, 2013

In the scope of the celebrations for the 25th anniversary of the Italian
Association for Artificial Intelligence and following the successful
exchange program financed in 2011 by the US NSF,
applications are solicited for hosting in Italy
a PhD student from abroad for an extended visit (one month) in
2013 to work on a research project of mutual interest.

Foreign students will be funded by the Italian Association for
Artificial Intelligence, which will cover their travel costs
and living expenses.  Funding will cover travel (up to 800 euro) and
living expenses during the extended visit (up to 1200 euro).
The funding will be provided as a reimbursement for the
expenses incurred in the visit. After the visit, the visitor should send to
the Association the receipts of her/his expenses for which
she/he would like to be refunded.

The application must be made by a student pursuing
her/his PhD in Italy. The applicant must ensure that her/his institution
is able to provide office space with access to computer
and lab facilities needed to conduct the research project.
The applicant must be a member of the Association for 2013.
If she/he is not a member for 2013 she/he must register before

The central aims of these extended visits is to build a research
bridge with the student's research group abroad,
and to create a solid basis for long term collaborations between
the groups. Moreover, it is expected that the
visit leads to the submission of one article on the topics of the
collaboration to the Intelligenza Artificiale journal.

Eligibility for the visiting student is to be enrolled full-time
in a PhD program abroad. Funding is available for 3 students.

Deadline for applications: March 14, 2013
Notification of awards: April 16 2013

Information required in the application to host a student:
1. name of the Italian PhD student who will host the student;
2. name of the foreign PhD student who will be hosted;
3. name and address of the Lab/Department and University;
4. a short (2 pages) resume/CV of the Italian host;
5. a short (2 pages) resume/CV of the foreign student;
6. A 2 pages description of the research that will be carried out
during the visit
6. A budget of the foreseen expenses
7. Declaration of the advisor of the Italian PhD student indicating
that the hosting institution is willing to provide office space and
access to lab facilities to conduct the research.

The application must be sent by email to Fabrizio Riguzzi

The applications will be examined by a committee composed
by members of the AI*IA steering committee.