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  A record number of submission to ECAI 2016  Frank van Harmelen 
(ECAI 2016 General Chair) 
With  663  submissions  (640  long  papers  and  23  short  ones),  ECAI  2016  has 
received the highest number of submissions ever. That’s almost 100 long papers  more  than  2014,  which  was  itself  a  record  year.  This  is  a  remarkable  success  in  the first year where there is both an IJCAI conference, an AAAI conference and an  ECAI  conference.  Program  Chairs  Maria  Fox  and  Gal  Kaminka  will  work  hard  with their  44 senior PC members and 398 regular PC members to provide all the  papers  with  at  least  3  reviews  before  May  24,  when  the  author  rebuttal  period  will start. 
The  main  conference  programme  will  take  place  Wednesday  31  July  –  Friday  2  August, and before there will be 2 days filled with 21 workshops, 8 tutorials and 
5 spotlight tutorials on Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 July. 
  An  important  innovation  this  year  was  that  we  encouraged  authors  to  resubmit  rejected IJCAI papers together with the IJCAI reviews plus an explanation of how  they improved the paper based on those reviews. We hope that this will lead to a  culture  in  our  field  where  papers  are  shepherded  between  conferences  to  improve  over  time,  instead  of  receiving  a  new  set  of  disconnected  reviews  at  each  new  conference.  We  have  received  79  of  such  papers,  indicating  that  this  model is well received by the community. 
  The theme of this year’s conference is “AI for human values” and it has resonated  very well with the AI community. The special track on this theme has received 19  submissions, and there will be workshops on ethics in the design of multiYagents,  on  normative  agents,  on  diversity  aware  AI  and  on  integrating  values  in  the  design  process.  Furthermore,  IEEE  have  chosen  ECAI  2016  as  the  location  for 
their  “Values  by  Design”  summit  (invitation  only),  followed  by  a  session  on  Monday  open  to  all  ECAI  participants  where  IEEE  will  present  its  “Values  by  Design” declaration. Finally, on Thursday we will host a public event in the Peace  Palace,  the  home  of  the  International  Court  of  Justice,  where  leading  AI  researchers,  prominent  opinion  leaders  and  the  general  public  will  discuss  the  theme of AI for human values. 
With   Michael   Bratman   (University   of   Stanford),   Jeff  Rosenschein  (Hebrew 
University  of  Jerusalem),  MarieYChristine  Rousset  (Laboratoire  d’Informatique  de Grenoble), and Michael Zillich (Technical University of Vienna) ECAI 2016 has  an  excellent  set  of   invited   speakers,  whose   keynotes   alone   will  be   worth  attending the conference for. 
ECAI   2016   will   be   coYlocated   with   the   tenth   International  Conference   on  Collective Intentionality, a major event for philosophers and AI researchers, and  we  have  secured  free  access  for  ECAI  delegates  to  all  the  sessions  of  the  Collective Intentionality conference. 
  Local Chairs Virginia Dignum and Frank Dignum have worked tirelessly over the  past  year  to  organise  an  excellent  conference  venue,  at  a  very  reasonable  registration   fee:   among   the   major   AI   conferences,   ECAI   has   the   lowest  registration  rates  by  far,  rates  as  low  as  €195  for  EurAI  PhD  students  (and  that  includes even free lunches during all conference days ). At the conference venue  we  can  also  offer  additional  meeting  rooms  for  ad  hoc  getYtogethers  or  preY planned  meetings.  If  you  want  to  use  ECAI  as  the  location  for  a  meeting  of  your  EU  consortium,  or  for  an  international  working  group,  please  get  in  touch  with  the  local  chairs.  The  Thursday  night  promises  to  become  memorable  for  the  beach party and barbecue that has been planned at the renowned Scheveningen  beach resort. We look forward to welcoming all of you in the beautiful city of The  Hague,  which  is  within  easy  reach  of  Amsterdam  Schiphol  airport,  and  well  connected to the European railway network. 
See  for  details  about  registration,  the  workshop  and  tutorial 
programme, the invited speakers and much more.   
Call for bids to Host ECAI2020 
The  biennial  European  Conference  on  AI  is  organized  every  evenYnumbered  year,  by  ECCAI,  jointly  with  one  of  the  member  associations  of  ECCAI.  The  ECCI  Board hereby invite bids to  host the 2020 conference. 
Previous  ECAI  conferences  were  held  at  Brighton  (1974),  Edinburgh  (1976),  Hamburg   (1978),   Amsterdam  (1980),   Orsay   (1982),  Pisa   (1984),   Brighton  (1986),  Munich  (1988),  Stockholm  (1990),  Vienna  (1992),  Amsterdam  (1994),  Budapest  (1996),  Brighton  (1998),  Berlin  (2000),  Lyon  (2002),  Valencia  (2004),  Riva  del  Garda  (2006),  Patras  (2008),  Lisbon  (2010),  Montpellier  (2012),  and  Prague (2014), with ECAIY2016 due to be held in The Hague; ECAIY2018 will be a  joint conference with IJCAI, and will be held in Stockholm. 
Any  member  society  of  ECCAI  may  submit  a  bid  to  ECCAI  for  organizing  ECAIY
1 July 2016: deadline for submission of bids  
August 2016: presentation of bids & selection at ECCAI General Assembly  
PROCESS  Guidelines for bids: 
  Submit your bid through the easychair system: 
  NB: please upload a single PDF file containing the bid, and for "title" use the city  name and country of the bid. 
It  would  be  extremely  helpful  if  you  could  informally  indicate  your  intention  to  submit  a  bid  by  email  to  Mike  Wooldridge  <>  no  later  than  1  May 2016. 

AI>related conferences  
International Conference on Agents and Multi>Agent systems (AAMAS 
2016)  May 9Y13, 2016 Singapore 
9th Hellenic Conference on Artificial Intelligence (SETN'16) 
May 18Y20, 2016, Thessaloniki, Greece 

Annual Meeting of the International Association for Computing and  Philosophy (IACAP 2016) 
June 14Y17, Ferrara Italy 
11th International Conference on the Practice and Theory of Automated  
Timetabling  Udine, Italy | Tue 23 Aug 2016 Y Fri 26 Aug 2016 
39th German Conference on Artificial Intelligence (KI 2016) 
Klagenfurt, Austria, September 26Y30, 2016. 
2nd Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence (GCAI 2016)   Berlin, Germany, September 29YOctober 2, 2016. 
8th International Joint Conference on Computational Intelligence (IJCCI 
2016)  Porto, Portugal, November 9Y11, 2016 
8th International Joint Conference on Knowledge discovery, Knowledge 
Engineering and Knowledge Management (IC3K 2016)  Porto, Portugal, November 9Y11, 2016 
15th International Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial 
Intelligence (AI*IA 2016)   Genova, November 28 Y December 1, 2016 
6th International Conference on Pattern Recognition  Application and  Methods 
Porto, Portugal, February 24Y26, 2017 
9th International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence  Porto, Portugal, February 24Y26, 2017 
  Magazines  AI Magazine Vol 36 n. 2  http://www.aimagazineY 
AI Communications Volume preprint available communications/Preprint/Preprint 
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