Intelligenza Artificiale issue Number 2, Volume 5, December 2011

posted Jan 12, 2012, 6:43 AM by Amministratore Sito Web
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issue Number 2, Volume 5, December 2011 of Intelligenza Artificiale is online.
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The table of contents for the Number 2, Volume 5, December 2011 of
Intelligenza Artificiale is

The model-based approach to autonomous behavior: Prospects and challenges
Pages 163-169
Author Hector Geffner

Sampling-based lower bounds for counting queries
Pages 171-188
Authors Vibhav Gogate and Rina Dechter

Simulations on workflow management systems: A framework based on event
choice datalog
Pages 189-206
Authors Gianluigi Greco, Antonella Guzzo and Domenico Saccà

Efficient recursive aggregate evaluation in logic programming
Pages 207-215
Author Mario Alviano

Computational models for short-term prediction of the stock market
Pages 217-227
Authors Lorenzo Menconi, Marco Gori and Marco Lippi

Kind regards,
Paola & Fabrizio