International Official Master in Soft Computing and Intelligent Data Analysis 2013/2014 (organised by European Centre for Soft Computing and the University of Oviedo)

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Organised by European Centre of Soft Computing and University of Oviedo, Mieres (Asturias, Spain)


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·        First pre-registration period: from 18 February to 5 March 2013:


·        Second pre-registration period: from 6 May to 18 June 2013



A welcoming video by Professor Lotfi Zadeh (University of California, Berkeley) can be seen at Prof. Zadeh has recently been awarded with the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) category.


Soft Computing (SC) and Intelligent Data Analysis (IDA) provide powerful tools for problem solving in a variety of domains. A non-exhaustive list of typical applications includes client segmentation, fraud detection, credit scoring, process control, logistics and information retrieval. Applications can be found in all sectors: engineering, finance, marketing, operations research, bioinformatics, medicine, …


The objective of the Master is to provide students with the foundations and skills required  for the development of a research career in this field, either in academy or industry. The Master is supported (including a scholarships programme) by several companies with important presence in their specific fields. The students will also be prepared to pursue a PhD degree,  or even a dual PhD on the basis of the existing agreement between University of Oviedo and University of Milan.


The tremendous potential of SC and IDA has created a demand for well-trained professionals in this field. For this reason, the University of Oviedo and the European Centre for Soft Computing have joined efforts to offer an Official Master Course in Soft Computing and Intelligent Data Analysis (official Master language: English). This is a one-year full-time program that combines rigorous training in advanced techniques with a close contact with real applications.

Over 90% of our MS Students got a job in the field in less than one year after obtaining their degree, which confirms the emerging need of the society to rapidly incorporate such qualified professionals to different sectors.




The program is designed to provide a balanced mixture between theory and practice as well as academic and professional training. The course is divided into three Modules plus a Master's project:


Module I: Fundamentals of Soft Computing and IDA


This module is dedicated to the study of the main paradigms which constitute Soft Computing (SC) and Intelligent Data Analysis (IDA), as well as some other important questions as experimental design. The module is fundamental and mandatory since those techniques will be considered as known in the following modules while considering specific domains of application.


Module II: Advanced topics in Soft Computing and IDA


This module is dedicated to cover some additional concepts, methods, and general questions in the field of SC and IDA, giving the student the opportunity to define his/her profile inside this broad field. It also include a set of Seminars on Soft Computing and Intelligent Data Analysis which offers the students a really wide approach to the topic, including new trends and challenges as well as presentations from companies working in the field or applying SC-IDA techniques.


Module III: Applications


The last module is devoted to the study of specific application areas.

This is the most flexible module since all the courses are optional and their contents will be adapted to hot topics.




The teaching staff has been selected among the top academics in this field. All lecturers have considerable teaching experience (on average, 20 years) and a world-class reputation in research. The list of lecturers includes, among others:


Andreas Nürnberger, Antonio Bahamonde, Bodgan Gabrys, Christian Borgelt, Enric Trillas, Enrique Ruspini, Fabio Crestani, Francisco Herrera, José Antonio Lozano, Luis Magdalena, M. Ángeles Gil, Miguel Delgado, Oscar Cordón, Pedro Larrañaga, Piero Bonissone, Rudolf Kruse, Sven Crone.




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